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-# Standard Skriver Tool
+# Standard Skriver Tool: A tool for managing the default printer for multiple different devices.
-FIXME... this is still to do... \ No newline at end of file
+The Standard Skriver Tool ('standardskriver' is norwegian for default printer) helps you define
+which printer is to be used for which device / IP / IP-range etc.
+In /etc/standardskriver.cfg you are able to change the defined devices and their asigned default printers.
+The syntax for doint this is simple and easy to manage:
+# define if standardskriver should be active
+enable = yes/no
+# defince where standardskriver should pull its machine-data from (LDAP)
+order =
+# define if standardskriver should overwrite the systems settings for default printers
+delete loptions = yes/no
+# example: single client (example-printer has to be defined as a known device/printer via LDAP)
+xxx.xx.x.x = example-printer
+# example: IP-range (maybe for a certain location in the clients network setup)
+xxx.xx.x.x/x = example-printer
+# example: single client via MAC-address (client MAC has to be defined in LDAP)
+aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff = example-printer
+# Here you could defince a default printer for a whole group of clients / devices \ No newline at end of file