path: root/usr-lib-nagios-plugins
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* usr-lib-nagios-plugins/ Silence grep output.Mike Gabriel2018-07-251-1/+1
* usr-lib-nagios-plugins/ Port to being used against pupp...Mike Gabriel2018-07-251-7/+6
* usr-lib-nagios-plugins/check_puppetmaster: Allow passing cmdline args to chec...Mike Gabriel2018-07-251-1/+1
* SQUID / Icinga: Update check_squid to usage of the new Monitoring:Plugin Perl...Mike Gabriel2018-01-101-4/+4
* usr-lib-nagios-plugins: White-space cleanups.Mike Gabriel2017-02-224-19/+19
* Icinga2: Add check_apcupsd for virt-man servers.Mike Gabriel2017-02-221-0/+228
* Icinga2/Puppet: Add monitoring plugin.Mike Gabriel2016-12-202-0/+148
* usr-lib-nagios-plugins/ Set a+x permission bits, to make the p...Mike Gabriel2016-09-111-0/+0
* Monitoring: Add plugin.Mike Gabriel2016-09-061-0/+67
* Monitoring: Add check_dirvish (must run via sudo).Mike Gabriel2016-07-192-0/+365
* usr-lib-nagios-plugins: Add plugin.Mike Gabriel2016-07-151-0/+363
* usr-lib-nagios-plugins: Set x-bits for check_* files.Mike Gabriel2016-07-152-0/+0
* Icinga2 monitoring plugins: Add check_md_raid (physical servers) and check_sq...Mike Gabriel2016-07-152-0/+305