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* White-space cleanup.Mike Gabriel2018-01-031-1/+1
* master.conf.dirvish: Fix typos in line for vault contentserver.intern_srv.Mike Gabriel2014-09-091-1/+1
* dirvish templates: Exclude .gvfs folders from backups.Mike Gabriel2012-10-234-3/+6
* Exclude proc, sys, dev/pts within x2gothinclient chroots and chroot for ,,ver...Mike Gabriel2012-10-122-1/+17
* dirvish templates: Exclude proc, sys, dev/pts in case any of them is mounted....Mike Gabriel2012-10-121-1/+5
* Provide template for dirvish's master.conf.Mike Gabriel2012-08-301-0/+60
* /debian/itzks-systems-backup.examples: Provide dirvish config skeleton approp...Mike Gabriel2012-08-3022-0/+253