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-IT-Zukunft Schule: meta-package for Add-On Software on TJENER
+IT-Zukunft Schule: Add-On Software and Features for TJENER
The Debian Edu main server (TJENER) mainly gets installed via
-the Debian Edu main server boot strap.
+the Debian Edu main server bootstrap.
-This meta package only pulls in a small set of other packages that
+This package pulls in a small set of other packages that
the ITZkS team additionally considers useful on the main server.
-Mike Gabriel, 20120804 \ No newline at end of file
+It also adds in some bits for configuration changes on top
+of the Debian Edu main server. All changes will find their
+way into Debian Edu upstream sooner or later.
+Mike Gabriel, 20120807 \ No newline at end of file